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Open letter of Alexander Georgiev, international grandmaster, world champion (rapid draughtst) to officials of FMJD.




    It's painful to watch "the trading" for places which take place before 

every world championship. During it sport principles are on the background. 

Women world championship 2001 is not exception too. I don't know (and no one 

knows) what principles you used but in the main list of players there was no 

place for the Europe champion; Russian champion was considered as reserve 

player for a long time; but T. Teterina, who was the sixth in the Russian 

championship, was included in the main list. It is nothing more than 

discrimination of those Russian players who can pretend for high places in the 

WC (champion and the second and third "numbers" of other countries prepare for 

the world championship while those from Russia must think whether they will be 

or not to be included).

    It looks like someone is in the treaty with Mr. Klimashev - I can't find 

any other explanation.

    The fact that Mr. Klimashev's inscription was accepted but not 

Mr. Tchertok's (who is the chairman of the commission of international draughts 

in RDF, which decides all questions concerning international draughts in 

Russia) can not be justified. Making inscriptions is not the job of the 

president of federation. It should be noted that earlier Mr. Tchertok did it. 

These inscriptions were based on sport principles and did not cause any doubt. 

Only when Mr. Klimashev wanted to "push" someone, he made inscription based on 

his private interests.

    May be I would agree with the fact that these are inner Russian problems 

if players would have some relations to president elections in RDF. More while 

I say that these are the problems of FMJD: it convince You that RDF doesn't 

make any payments. It is You who allow RDF to vote. But you may exclude RDF 

from FMJD, RDF but not Russia. Let us solve the problem together: we (players) 

will set up federation which will make payments to FMJD and will be member of 

FMJD but for this you must agree to confess a new federation.

    As a player I have a lot of complaints on work of FMJD. One of them is that 

I have to write such letter! Instead of playing draughts I have to deal with 

policy (of course, there is a lot of time: world championship takes place once 

in ten years).

    Mr. van Beek, you have already took place in history by inventing new 

system of world championship and by unforgettable championships in Abidjan and 

Moscow. May be you will stop? It also concerns those who worked in van Beek's 


    Unfortunately, during the short history of FMJD it turned into "Augean 

Stables". But, sirs, if it convinces you then not any Hercules may help.

P.S. How many letters were signed by grandmasters and send to FMJD and all of 

them were disappeared without leaving a trace. May be you were so busy or did 

not know whom to answer?

Looking forward for your answer,

Alexander Georgiev

international grandmaster

world champion (rapid draughts)




































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