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29 June. You can find fresh news at our page about Tallinn international tournament! See all results, games and short comment at the our page. It's interesting, that a competition between Java Applets was started now. You can see games with Damweb Applet here and with Dambo Applet at page of Wieger Wesselink

26 June.
Thanks to J.Lipnitsky you can see results in the mans ans womans tournaments from International Draughts Festival in Minsk. See tables HERE

25 June. Russian womans championship is finished! Guzel Georgieva became the champion of Russia in international draughts first time. Our congratulations! Same points has Tamara Tansykkuzuna (both - Ishimbay), 3-rd place - Elena Chitaikina (Moscow). See all information at site of this tournament

20 June. If you didn't bought Turbo Dambase program yet, don't worry. You can see games of woman's championship right now at our page with WebDam Java Applet from DamwebTsjizjov won Kennisstadtoernooi Delft
Please find here games of Alexey Tsjizjov

12 June. You can find our new partition - Russian draughts players. Today we represent to you Vyacheslav Tsjegolev18 May Please, find below news from Czech Draughts Federation. More details you can find here Dear Sirs,

8 May I have received the message from Jacek Pawlicki, vice-president of FMJD, president of the European Federation of checkers with explanations concerning of the status of Russian draughts tournament in Samara. So, as he said, FMJD did not approve this tournament as world championship in frameworks FMJD. Using of FMJD symbolics in printed materials of tournament also is illegal. I personally do not have basis to call in question this information. I shall add, that I do not understand persistence of Mr. Klimashev, with which he attempts to create image to the tournaments, as occurring under aegis FMJD. Civilized Europe can it not understand... And you see it is possible all to conduct under aegis of a MARCH, too - world organization (from the words of Mr.Klimashev). The local officers let will not take offence at me, but anybody from them will not understand a difference between abbreviations a MARCH and FMJD, as well as hardly when checkers piece from square" ?1" will run to the kings...
Probably, you want run to the king, Mr.Klimashev?6 May Yesterday in Samara has started strong on the structure draughts tournament. That is told in its occasion on web-page of Federation of checkers of Russia - "... In the period from May, 5 till May, 22 this year in Samara the World Championship in Russian checkers among men will be spent.... Charges on a meal and residing - due to organizers of the championships. Tournament payments - according to FMJD rules. Prize-winning funds: the man's championship - $ 20.000 + costly presents from sponsors of tournament... To participation winners of the countries are invited. " I at all do not want to belittle the sports importance of this tournament or to offend participants, but we do not know about what existence or decisions or documents of FMJD for this tournament. I shall not be surprised, if it in general about that tournament does not know. We shall leave so loud application on conscience of Mr. Klimashev... One is undoubtedly, tourney is very strong, and on under this objective factor it does not concede to the world championships. The list of participants - A.Schvartzman, V.Skrabov, M.Gorjunov, Stepanov, J.Kirillov, P.Jumshanov, O.Dashkov (all Russia), the Ion Dosca, N.Guba, S.Smajdris, G.Shapiro, M.Mokrovich, F.Verbuk, V.Grebenkin, S.Maksimchuk, U.Abdullaev, N.Mishchansky, A.Valjuk.Tournament comes to an end May, 21, beginning - 6 of May. Prize-winning fund - 20.000 $
2 May Our friend, Lelio Marcos, has sended news from Brazil about Harm Wiersma. Sorry, in present time it's in Portugese only. I'll try translate it ASAP.30 AprilPlease be informed that new Russian draughts page by Boris Feldman opened. You can visit to www.oofs.narod.ru










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