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2-nd International Open Draughts Tournament in Curacao
29 June - 6 July 2002

We invite you to participate in our 2nd international open draughts tournament in Curacao that will be played from Saturday june 29 untill Saturday july 6 2002.
The tournament will be played in the Swiss System with 9 rounds and the games will be played in the SSK-building at Schouwburgweg 44 (tel:7371403/7370390).
The inscription fee for the tournament is Fl. 100,- ( $ 60,-)
The money-prices in this tournament are:fl. 2.000,-; fl. 1.500,-; fl. 1000,-;
fl. 750 and fl. 500,-
This year we will also have a youth-group consisting of 10 players. This group will play 9 rounds round-robbin. The organisation will host 1 player from each country.
The next player(s) will have to pay themselves for their lodging and meals.
They can stay in one of the many common hotels we have on the island or they can stay in one of the 10 bungalows we have for this tournament.
They are 1-room bungalows with 2 single-beds in it.
The costs are: fl. 25,- ( $ 14) per night for 1 player. Breakfast is fl. 7,- ($ 4).
You can have lunch and diner in the SSK-building or in one of the too many restaurants we have on the island.
We will have participation from players from Russia, Holland, Senegal, France, Guadeloupe,USA,Brazil,Surinam,Curacao,Grenada,Antigua,
Trinidad & Tobago,Barbados,St.Vincent, St.Kitts, Costa Rica and Panama.

Participants in the 2nd International Open Draughts Tournament of Curacao
June 29 - July 6

Name: Title Country

Rob Clerc GMI Netherlands
N'Djaga Samb GMI Senegal
Vladimir Veytsman GMI USA
Leopold Sekongo MI Ivory Coast
Guno Burleson MI Suriname
Wieger Wesselink MI Netherlands
Marcin Grzesiak Poland
Frantsz Forbin Guadeloupe
Raymond Sonor Guadeloupe
Adam Andall Grenada
Kenrick Charles Grenada
Anslem Edgar Grenada
Suky King Barbados
Willock Bernard Antigua
Lelio Marcos Brazil
Fransisco Marcelo Oliveira Brazil
Jose Maria Silvha Brazil
Kenrick Hall Trinidad & Tobago
Timothy Dennis Trinidad & Tobago
Peter Ramsundar Trinidad & Tobago
Jose Cordova Panama
Roberto Ho Panama
Norwin Lau Bonaire
Ellery Chirino Bonaire
Richinel Anthony Bonaire
Vicente Contreras Dominican Republic
Alberto Duran Dominican Republic
Noel McLean McLean Costa Rica
Walther Quesada Costa Rica
Juan Garro Costa Rica
Nelsen Angela,Silvit Ilaria,Carlos Lorevil, Clifton Agatha, Raoul Alias, Stanley Riedel,
Henry Bernadina,Carlos Daantje,Ricardo Cadeau,Glenn Monk,Raimy Willems, Pino Wilson, Nelson Bodak and some more players from Curacao.

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