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SNS Zeeland Open 2001

  Summer is hot time for draughts. There are alot of  tournaments in this period. I think draught's fans from all countries must be happy to see interesting games every day. We will try help to them. What about favourite of all Russian fans in SNS Zeeland Open, it's of course, Alexey  Tsjizjow. He lost in the 1 round, but we all beleive in you! In this game Alexey has control of centre all time, and i think he forgot about time. We offer to see this game:

   Alexey won fantastic game in 4 round against Thijssen! There are alot of combinations ideas in this game. See below and enjoy! 


Toernooi SNS 2001
Datum 2001.07.09
Ronde 1
Wit Tsjizjow,A.
Zwart Kasse,D.
Uitslag 0-2
Gebr. tijd 2.00/1.59


Toernooi SNS 2001
Datum 2001.07.11
Ronde 4
Wit Tsjizjow,A.
Zwart Thijssen,K.
Uitslag 2-0
Gebr. tijd 1.50/2.00



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